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If I’m shopping at Target and I see this, I’m calling the cops.  

Seriously.  I don’t care about your fucking rights, I just want to buy some dad jeans and maybe a tub of frosted animal crackers without having to worry about your casually slung assault rifle going off and the bullet ricocheting off the price checker and right into my ass.  Thanks but no thanks.  

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something all of tumblr should see.

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“Well I hate your cigarettes and the men that you go see
Because one is killing you, while the other’s killing me.” — Front Porch Step (via tonight-im-washing-the-hippy)

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“Sext: I saw you for the first time in 3 years yesterday and all of a sudden I was 15 again and it was January and I still thought that love smelled like stale Christmas trees and tasted like snow. And we became adults together and fell apart like adults do because they don’t know anything more than children.
Sext: I saw you for the first time in 3 years yesterday, but you did not even act like you recognized me and suddenly I am 18 and it is June and love smells like melting asphalt and tastes like blood.” — "The First One" by Claire Luisa (via claireluisa)

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